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自1996年中学起即对篆刻有浓厚兴趣的谭子豪与谭子健兄弟,在中学时期开始自学篆刻,2001 年在马六甲成立了工作室“谭子健篆刻”,开始承接篆刻工作,迄今(2017年)21个年头里,包含练习印章携刻印章超过5000方,除了传统的篆文入印,谭兄弟也将各款外文纳入印章之中,还刻制了各种图像印章,把各种现代元素加入印章中

King's Seal Engraving
Started back in year 1996 in middle school, Tham Brothers begin to learn traditional Chinese Seal Engravings as a hobby, after years of practices, they started their Seal Engraving workshop "King's Seal Engraving" in Malacca, and started carving customized seals for everyone, over the course of 18 years, including practicing works, Tham brothers have made more than 5000 seals, other than the traditional Chinese Seal Script engravings, Tham brothers can also engrave foreign language and pictogram on seals, bringing modern elements into traditional Chinese Seals.


With years of experience and experiments in the field, Tham brothers can now not only work on traditional seal stones, but also work on material like ivory, exotic woods, and many kind of man-made materials.


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